cacao notes 3.2.19

how to make chocolate


  1. Roasting
  2. Cracking
  3. Winnowing
  4. Grinding
  5. Refining/Conching


Champion juicer!


cracking and winnowing


meridian cacao

for full size jute 40-75kg bags but also starting at $15/kg


dominican republic


Alchemist John’s Oven Cocoa Roasting Log

In general, if you try oven roasting, you will start hot (350-400 F) for a short amount of time and slowly lower it to your target temperature (275-300 F).   This is for about 2 lb/1 kg of beans.  The more you are roasting, the higher your initial temperature can and has to be and the time will probably be a little longer.

Remember, you want to roast the cocoa beans, not bake them.  This is how that looks:

Whole cocoa beans

375-400 F 5 minutes

350 F 5 minutes

325 F 5 minutes

300 F for 10-15 minutes or until done*.  Look for the aroma of baking brownies and/or pops.  Both are good indicators you are there.

*For an even better indicator of a complete roast, use an infrared thermometer and roast until the beans show 250-260 F.  Make sure you stir the beans before taking your reading so you don’t have a high bias.



wet grinder


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