singing last night at jam

in attempted rounds

with the looper pedal

into the guitar

pauline oliveros tuning score


hallstat culture

scythian hats

tartan rules




made a dark corvid mask for tonight’s halloween party, constructed improvisationally, with repurposed stuff and things. found items: drip irrigation tubing, jewelry wire, free box fabrics, and red-dog schm00fie eyes, heavy cotton thread, duct tape, medical tape, painters’ tape. sewing on small shiny objects from my carefully curated small-shiny-object collection.

today’s vocab word: lethiferous

(seen in reference to datura stramonium in a book about death/dying/ethics surrounding end-of-life-care in an article about john adams & alexander hamilton’s concurrent demises. …a book i saw in the incoming holds pile)


lawrence ferlinghetti, the secret meaning of all things, for alice poems

bday march 24th,

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