got a new pair of boots (from DI) from Bed-Stü

boot cream


or that other kind

get a shoe tree!


unicodes for umlauts öüäï

ALT 0239 ï

ALT 0223 =  ß
ALT 0228 =  ä
ALT 0246 =  ö
ALT 0252 =  ü
ALT 0196 =  Ä
ALT 0214 =  Ö
ALT 0220 =  Ü





phonological phenomena

Mojibake (文字化け

Symptoms of this failed rendering include blocks with the code point displayed in hexadecimal or using the generic replacement character �. Importantly, these replacements are valid and are the result of correct error handling by the software.

Mojibake means “character transformation” in Japanese. The word is composed of 文字 (moji, IPA: [mod͡ʑi]), “character” and 化け (bake, IPA: [bake], pronounced “bah-keh”), “transform”.” (wikipee)




how to learn to read faroese https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:BookSources/978-99918-42-54-7

Islands: orkney, hebrides, faroese, westray, papa westray

Geologic provinces of the world (USGS)

orthographic depth

grammatical gender

order of the golden fleece

nine worthies

old red sandstone

lithostratigraphic unit

greywacke, German grauwacke, a variety of sandstone generally characterized by its hardness, dark color, and poorly sorted angular grains of quartz, feldspar, and small rock fragments or lithic fragments set in a compact, clay-fine matrix. It is a texturally immature sedimentary rock generally found in Paleozoic strata. The larger grains can be sand- to gravel-sized, and matrix materials generally constitute more than 15% of the rock by volume.



orcadian basin

caledonian orogeny, roughly 490–390 million years ago

The name “Caledonian” can therefore not be used for an absolute period of geological time, it applies only to a series of tectonically related events. (WP)







woke up with really tender  L SIJ and upper hip tension, headache, allergies, cough. calves sore from…maybe yoga yesterday morning?



“The SI joint and TMJ are the garbage dumps of the body” – Jean-Pierre Barrall (visionary osteopath and founder of visceral manipulation)


“One-Minute Medical School” (youtube series)



made a dark corvid mask for tonight’s halloween party, constructed improvisationally, with repurposed stuff and things. found items: drip irrigation tubing, jewelry wire, free box fabrics, and red-dog schm00fie eyes, heavy cotton thread, duct tape, medical tape, painters’ tape. sewing on small shiny objects from my carefully curated small-shiny-object collection.

today’s vocab word: lethiferous

(seen in reference to datura stramonium in a book about death/dying/ethics surrounding end-of-life-care in an article about john adams & alexander hamilton’s concurrent demises. …a book i saw in the incoming holds pile)


lawrence ferlinghetti, the secret meaning of all things, for alice poems

bday march 24th,

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